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About us

GT can produce Food waste to power generation & Hydrogen production in 100% green energy technology, true green renewable energy :Help China win the blue sky defense battle, fight the clear water defense war, and promote the pure land defense war

Create a green living environment

Enjoy environmental technology achievements

Direction of development

Our vision is to create a green city with sustainable development and ecological environment, to make the living environment more healthy and pleasant, and to share the fruits of green technology.

Healthy life begins with environmental protection

A good living environment requires everyone to have an environmentally friendly concept. Some people think that their ability is limited. We don't know where to start? In fact, everyone only needs to start by themselves, and the added power cannot be ignored. As for starting from, it is still necessary to grasp the principles of nature conservation: the use of resources, the preservation of species, and the maintenance of ecosystem functions.


Therefore, everyone can start thinking about their own life behaviors, reduce waste of resources, save energy, and recycle resources. Environmental protection must start from the individual. Everyone has a caring environment and a heart that cares for the earth. Make the planet healthier and make the next generation happier.


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