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fertilizer、feed (Food crisis)

Because of the increase in population, the farming and planting industries are in short supply. They have to add pesticides, hormones, stimulants, antibiotics, etc. to increase the yield, which makes humans more susceptible to diseases and cause different cancers.


As a result, social and government medical expenses have increased, labor has decreased, social benefits have declined, and government fiscal pressure has increased.

Methane production、electricity supply

GT have technical advantages, mainly distributed power generation, supplemented by solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer. After decomposition, it produces methane and electricity. The power supply process has low energy consumption and high gas production efficiency, which can effectively reduce the incineration plant and composting yard.


This will help increase the proportion of renewable energy, increase the diversification of energy supply, combine the three goals of green energy, environmental protection, organic agriculture and fisheries, create new industries, bring employment opportunities, and stimulate economic development.


GT can produce clean hydrogen, electricity and heating which is our future trend.

Climate change
food is changing


Electricity generation

Hydrogen production